Regular maintenance to AC and heating units will save you money in the long run. Typically, maintenance consists of inspecting the safety components and find out whether the unit is actually working fine. In addition, efficiency of units is also examined so that controls are proper and are offering uninterrupted service during peak seasons. Maintaining unit properly increases life of unit, enhances performance and reduces crashes.

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance helps air conditioning and heating system a lot:

It reduces the possibility of breakdown – Air conditioning and heating units may crash down suddenly due to many reasons. However, if the preventive maintenance is followed religiously, then it will not just decrease crashes, but will also keep its machine in good shape. Therefore, regular visits are essential to detect problems before time so that it does not turn into a huge issue.

Preventive Maintenance keeps your system energy efficient – with continuous maintenance program, your unit will work efficiently for years and even consume less power. If the filters are clean, then it will enable passage for maximum air, which is healthy and the clear coils both inside and outside allows transfer of heat easily. It has been proved by research that a healthy machine system uses about 50 percent less energy.

Preventive Maintenance increases the life span of your system – Regular maintenance enhances longevity of unit, makes it function efficiently and economically.

Rowland Air experts bear the view that customers must go for maintenance program twice a year. Ideally the Air Conditioning system requires a visit during spring whereas the Heating System requires a visit during fall.