Rowland Air professionals recognize the anxiety one experiences when the air conditioning unit crashes and that too during a severe summer. Therefore, our specialists are always happy to serve you whenever you call for assistance.

Irrespective of the kind of unit that you have — a heat pump, a forced air conditioning unit or an evaporative cooler, we always have ardent eyes that our professionals solve any problem swiftly and comfortably. We efficiently handle emergencies and try to keep our customers happy during summers. Get in touch with us today for all of your replacement and repair necessities.


Rowland Air is certainly your heating expert in Castaic, and we are always trying newer ways to offer better and enhance the satisfaction level of our patrons. Be it your forced air furnaces, gravity furnaces, or heat pumps, you can rely on us for repair or adjustment tasks. We try to avoid several trips by offering on the spot service. It saves our as well as your time. In some cases two days are required for a major replacement or repair service.


Our specialists ensure that you are contented with our installation services for either your air conditioning or heating unit. For any assistance or free quote, call us at 800-500-9068.

Duct Testing and Duct Replacement / Repair

To discuss you duct testing need, contact us now
(HER’s Testing, HERs)

Home Energy Audit and Assessment

Home energy audit is an essential as it helps in locating an issue in advance in order to take the preventive measure fast. The process of home assessment involves finding out quantity of energy that is consumed by your home. Besides, the expert also tells on what measures you can take to make your home utilize less power.